“Settling Down”

     What does it mean to be settled? Ultimately being settled means that one has a solid foundation that they can rely on, that the turbulence of life has a lessened impact due to your being anchored upon a rock.
     A friend and I were talking a while ago and as we were catching up with each other our conversation drifted towards our friends and the people with whom we had graduated. Running through the various scenarios it was interesting that we started speaking in terms of who was the most “settled” in their current situation.
     As my wife and I are currently just about as un-settled as we have ever been, (Neither of us have permanent jobs, have only just now found an apartment to sublease, and most of our belongings are tucked away in a storage unit.) this was an interesting thought to me. What does it mean to be settled?
     I guess the way my friend and I were using it the other day was that being settled meant having a full-time job and general career plan, being in a committed relationship through marriage, and owning a house to live in for the foreseeable future. This definition most likely stemmed from the fact that most of the people we knew were working towards one or more of these supposed milestones.
     I found that I was easily slipping into the frame of mind that these milestones, these events in life, somehow meant that we had ‘arrived.’ However, thinking like this is truly dangerous especially when “I’ll be settled when X” turns into “I’ll be happy when X.”
     There will always be something else on the horizon that is worth striving for, and generally those things can be genuinely good in and of themselves. The danger, however, is when we start to make our joy in life contingent upon achieving those things. There are things that are great to achieve and should be pursued but we will only be truly settled, we will only find true joy in this turbulent life, when we have rested and anchored our lives in the solid rock that is Christ.

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