A Lesson from FedEx on Salvation, Sanctification, and Stewardship

A while ago I saw this commercial from FedEx. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH0KYawaQWk) Of course it brought some pretty good chuckles, but it also struck me as pretty poignant. The delivery man, spent x amount of time on a deserted island trying to survive all by himself. Little known to him, though, the very package he was avoiding opening had everything that he needed in order to thrive on the island and get in touch with people who could help him. Imagine being that man when he finally arrives at his destination and finds out everything that he needed was sitting right beside him the entire time.


This short video struck me in multiple ways as I thought about the plight of the castaway. The first concerns salvation. Considering the feelings of the delivery man after he finally made the delivery, in a way, I wonder if that is what some people will feel like after we leave this life (to more dramatic implications, though).
Some will arrive before the Throne on judgment day and find out that God does indeed exist and required of us faith in His Son in order to have life eternal. They try to make some excuse that they did not have the right information they needed in order to make the right decisions, but then God reveals to them that He had given them all the evidence they had needed to make a decision about him.


The second thing that struck me, and probably hit the hardest, was how this relates to fellow believers. How many times do we feel the Spirit’s pull towards holiness and we drift away or push back out of fear, feelings of inadequacy, pride, or outright selfishness? The truth is that many times we will read about or notice someone who seems especially close to God or especially holy and our tendency is to immediately start making excuses as to why we cannot be that person or why that person was an exception to the rule.
“I’m not _____ enough. I don’t have the time, talent, or resources. I want to do ______ but ______.” These are phrases that are probably all too familiar to us and yet should have no bearing on our pursuit of God, our sanctification, or our journey to holiness.
Like the man in the commercial, we have been given everything that we need in order to flourish in this life God has granted to us. We have all we need in this life to pursue God and a life of holiness (for more read 2 Peter 1:1-11). We have the responsibility and the resources to pursue holiness. The question now becomes, do we have the resolve?


Then the final idea that struck me was concerning stewardship. Jesus tells a story in the Gospels (Matthew 25:14-30) of how a master gave three servants various degrees of money. Two of them used their money wisely and produced a return for their master. The third servant, however, dug a hole in the ground and hid his money he had been given. When the master returned, he rewarded the first two servants but punished the last severely.
Why did the master call his servant worthless and have him thrown into the outer darkness? Because, as a call to myself and all believers, the servant was unfaithful with the resources he had been given. He was entrusted as a steward of his master’s money and did not use it for the benefit of his master. The question I pose myself then, is am I using my time, talent, and treasures in a faithful, God-honoring manner?
My hope, unlike how the delivery man handled the package (though I am sure he was quite valiant in his efforts), is that we would not neglect the truth of God around us, the Word he has given us, or the resources He has blessed us with. When we do this, I believe that we will become powerful agents for His kingdom and find more joy in Him than we ever have before.

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