Approaching Fatherhood, A Psalm

I stand upon the cusp
Within a week
Life will beget life
And life will change

What words can prepare a man
for crossing that eternal boundary
between husbandhood and fatherhood?

How does one prepare
To bear the burden of another soul?
What is man made of that he
Can preside over another’s life?

Who are we that we may be
Instruments of eternity?
Who are we that we may be
Partakers in that divine act of creation?

Insufficiency rears, inadequacy knocks
Insecurity leers
But by the grace of God
I will stand firm

For He is my refuge
My strength and my solace
My reason for rejoicing

The Lord is good
Beyond all measure
To give us humans
Such a treasure as this

The day draws near
And I will praise the Lord
The bearer of gifts
And all things good

A life is formed
Dreams are woven
Adventure awaits
And love’s surrounding

The Lord is good

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