First off, I want to give you a little information about this project of mine. Below you will find information about the name of this blog, why I started it, and a little bit about who I am.

     The name of the blog (Meditations of a Mere Christian) is a slight mouth-full but I named it this for two main reasons. One, I am a huge fan of the late author C.S. Lewis. There are many things that I could say about him but I will stop short and just say that he has definitely been a hero of the faith for me. The second reason for this name, is that I truly enjoy alliteration. I know, that is kind of weird but it is true and it gives a little bit of a glimpse into who I am. As I chose ‘meditations’ it might seem a little overwhelming, but trust me, this will not be too long-winded of a blog and my hope truly is to simply jot down my thoughts on life.

     Which leads to the subtitle, “Where Theology Meets Real Life” basically states the goal of what I would like this blog to look like. It is a lofty goal and so probably will not be hit most of the time, but my passion would be to draw connections from the Word, theology,  and philosophy to real life applications. Again, I am new at this so we will see how this goes.

     About myself, I just finished my schooling at the University of Arkansas where I earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and then a Master’s in Business Administration. Neither of which qualify me to write much, but bear with me and I hope that there my be some interesting things that pop up. I have been a Christian since I was seven years old and every day I hope to honor Christ in what I say, do, and write. I am married to the most wonderful woman I know and we have a 30-pound ball of energy named Charlie, our dog. My passions include reading, hiking, learning, working with my hands, and Excel among other things I cannot think of currently.

     As far as connecting this blog with others, my goal would be to only provoke thought and to start discussions around faith and life. If you ever disagree with something that I say I would encourage you to leave a comment, though please be civil in your disagreement. I am not expecting much, but if you have any thoughts to add or exhortations then please connect with me through the blog or other mediums.

Soli Deo Gloria